Activities and events at Carmel Village in Fountain Valley, California

Activities & Events

Plan your day as you like. Attend a performance, start a new hobby, or take a class. You might join your neighbors in stepping out to see a movie or a play. Experience a full calendar of planned events with many opportunities to share your passions for art, music, food, and fitness. You may find the most difficult part of your day will be deciding what you choose to do.

Feel good in knowing that you have chosen a community where wellness is an important part of each day. Here residents find that eating well-balanced meals, and participating in activities can greatly improve their sense of wellbeing. At Carmel Village, our commitment to healthy living is evident in everything from our peaceful surroundings to our daily exercise and fitness programs. We are committed to helping you enjoy life and feel your best.

Monthly Carmel Village Newsletters and Activity Calendar

April 2021 Memory Care Calendar 

April 2021 Assisted Living Calendar


Independent living residents enjoying the sunset from their convertible near Carmel Village in Fountain Valley, California